How well do you know solangelo?

There are many fans, at least half that number of shippers, an ever lesser number of die hard fan girls, but are a true solangelo know it all? Soon, you shall know.

Do you know the persons involved in the pair? Do you know their godly parents? Do you even know what the seven heroes of Olympus think about them? If so, this Ishtar quiz for you. Best of luck!

Created by: @Percabeth_OTP
  1. Who are the two people involved in "Solangelo"?
  2. What book series do the pair first appear in TOGETHER AS A COUPLE?
  3. What is the common excuse for the pair to hang out?
  4. Who would be the godly grandpas of the solangelo kids?
  5. Who is shorter of the two?
  6. Which of the seven demigods is suspected to be fangirling/ fanboying (is that even a thing) the most about the pair?
  7. What is the shipping name for the two?
  8. Did you have to look back to remember the answer to the last question?
  9. What is an otp?
  10. Is this the final question?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know solangelo?