How well do you know seven gymnastics girls?

To be a gymnast, you need to practice your heart out, just like this group of girls had been practising since they were three years old! And this quiz is just for you to find out how much you really know about them.

Hey guys, it's here today, and this weeks theme on SGG is freestyle. So, I have decided to give you guys a quiz to see how much you know about them. So let's go!

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  1. Which girl does Wednesday's?
  2. Which level is jazmyn on?
  3. Let's see how well you know Mary. What was her channel before she joined SGG?
  4. Had SGG mat SSG?
  5. Which day does Zoe do?
  6. How many siblings does Katie have?
  7. Is abi part of SGG, SSG or SPA?
  8. Now to test your knowledge for gymnastics: what can a front hip circle be performed on?
  9. Basically what is a half aerial?
  10. Does Rachael own a gym?
  11. Which level is Zoe on?
  12. Use your common sense this time. What day does Caitlin do?
  13. Which group does Colette join?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know seven gymnastics girls?