How Well Do You Know "Secret Life"

There are many great shows, but Secret Life is one of the best. This quiz is all about the show, "The Secret Life of The American Teenager", and the characters that play in it.

Do you know alot about the show "Secret Life"? Well if you do, then I recommend that you take this quiz that is all about Secret Life, and I hope you do really well on it.

Created by: Aaron

  1. Who did Amy have a baby with?
  2. What is the name of Amy's baby?
  3. Who does Ben really love?
  4. Who gets pregnant after Amy?
  5. Where does Amy go for The Music Program?
  6. Who does Jack move in with after his parents move?
  7. Who does Adrian want Ben to date?
  8. Who visits Ricky before going to Jail?
  9. Who is Jack currently dating?
  10. Who does Ashley tell Amy she kissed?
  11. Who does Ashley like?
  12. Where does Ricky live?
  13. Who is The "Sausage King"?
  14. Who's Dad dies in a Plane Crash?
  15. Who does Tom currently like?
  16. Why does Tom not get hired for the Job he applied for?
  17. Who are Ben's best friends?
  18. Who is Alice currently dating?
  19. What Instrument does Amy play?
  20. What do Jack and Tom accidently eat?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know "Secret Life"