How Well Do You Know Rock/Metal Music?

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Created by: Cherry Moonweb
  1. Which band wrote "Hell's Bells"?
  2. Which band has had many versions of their mascot on all of their album covers? (Hint: Mascot's name is Eddie)
  3. Which band's lead vocalist invented the metal symbol?
  4. Which band had Ronny James Dio as a vocalist?
  5. Which band wrote "Cum On, Feel The Noize"?
  6. Which was the loudest band?
  7. Which band did a cover of "Oh Come, All Ye Faithful"?
  8. Which band wrote "Breaking The Law"?
  9. Which band made the album "Razor's Edge"?
  10. Which band wrote "Metal Health(Bang Your Head)"?
  11. How many members does Metallica have?
  12. Thank you for taking my quiz! Don't forget to rate and or comment! Have a headbanging day/night!

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Rock/Metal Music?