How Well Do You Know Planet Sheen

Planet Sheen is a show that doesn't air often but have you been watching all the aired episode so far just take this Planet Sheen quiz then you will find out.

Do you have the brainpower to prove you've been watching Planet Sheen every time it's been on are you not afraid to say Hey I'm (Whatever your name is) And I'm A True Planet Sheen genius in just a few minutes you will find out.

Created by: benjamin
  1. How Does Sheen Get To Planet Zeenu?
  2. Why Did Sheen Need To Go Into Jimmy's Lab In The First Place?
  3. Which Of These Is NOT An Episode Of Planet Sheen?
  4. What Does Oom Want To Do To Sheen?
  5. What Does Dorkus Want To Do To Sheen?
  6. What Does Sheen Sometimes Do At The Very End Of An Episode?
  7. In The Episode Is This Cute? What Is The Name Of The Rainbow Pony?
  8. In Which Episode Does Sheen First Get His House In Zeenu?
  9. Mr Nesmith Is What
  10. How Would Jimmy Feel When Sheen Returns With His Rocket?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Planet Sheen