How well do you know Pikachu???

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Do you think you know Pikachu? Find out if you do or not by taking my quiz!!! Answer a total of 13 questions (plus two jokes which are labeled BREAK) to see if you do!

I want to be the best, there ever was. Take the strength from my hand, yea, that's my cause. I'll search across the land, look far and wide, release from my hand, the power that's inside. Sorry, I just LOVE that song! Gotta catch 'em all!

Created by: Pikachu

  1. (EASY) What type is Pikachu???
  2. (MEDIUM What animal is Pikachu?
  3. (MEDIUM) How do you tell male and female Pikachu apart?
  4. (HARD) What number is Pikachu in the pokedex?
  5. (EASY) Who is Pikachu's trainer in the cartoon?
  6. (BREAK) Why did Pikachu chase Ash???
  7. (HARD) Which one of these is a Z-move just for Pikachu???
  8. (HARD) How does Pikachu say Ash's name?
  9. (EASY) Which one is better: Pikachu or Eevee
  10. (MEDIUM) Which pair of video games both give Pikachu as your starter?
  11. (BREAK) Why can't you ever beat a Pokemon at hide and go seek?
  12. (EASY) What is Pikachu's most popular saying?
  13. (MEDIUM) In the movie Pokemon I Choose You! what does Pikachu say to Ash (in words)

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Pikachu???