How well do you know Percy Jackson Heroes of Olympus?

This quiz will show you how much you really know about Percy Jacson Heroes of Olympus. If you don't much take it anyways and see how much you do know. Just take the darn quiz ok.

Do you know all about Percy Jackson Heroes of Olympus?Well after you take this quiz you'll find out come on take the quiz already. Why are you still reading this you should be taking the quiz. Really, your'e still reading take the quiz. NOW

Created by: HoneySenpai_
  1. In the first book who were the people who took on the quest to save Hera?
  2. In Book 1 who was held hostage by Enceladus?
  3. In the second book who was after Percy in the beggining of the book?
  4. Why did Percy go on the quest to Alaska?
  5. In the third book who took Leo's toolbelt?
  6. In book 3 what major thing happened in the end of the book?
  7. When Percy and Annabeth are in Tartarus who helped them through it?
  8. Percy made who promise that they would take the Argo ll crew to the House of Hades?
  9. Who were guarding the doors of death when Hazel and Leo got there?
  10. In the book 5 who helped Jason kill Polybotes?
  11. Who did Jason see Athena and Annabeth fighting?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Percy Jackson Heroes of Olympus?