How well do you know Narnia? [Numbers Edition]

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The Chronicles of Narnia is a complete masterpiece. From enthralling tales of adventure and enchantment to the incredible growth and maturation of the characters, this masterfully written series holds something for everyone.

This quiz is going to focus on some of the more detailed aspects of the series. You may become frustrated, as your knowledge might not cover all of these details. But courage, dear heart. Just do your best and see how well you do!

Created by: Hiccstrid of tumblr
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  1. How many books are in the series?
  2. How many TOTAL movie adaptations have been made for the series? (As of March 2019)
  3. How many colors of rings did Andrew Ketterley make?
  4. How many Pevensie children were there?
  5. How many servants were in Professor Kirke's house?
  6. How many different lions were there in The Horse and His Boy?
  7. How many stairs led into the treasure chamber at Cair Paravel?
  8. How many total Caspians were there? (That we know of)
  9. How many mice did Reepicheep lead?
  10. How many Telmarine lords were sent away by Miraz?
  11. How many islands are in The Lone Islands?
  12. How many signs did Aslan give Jill?
  13. How many names does Aslan have? (according to The Silver Chair)
  14. How many kings reigned between Rilian and Tirian?
  15. How many "friends of Narnia" were there?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Narnia? [Numbers Edition]