How well do you know my interests?

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Created by: KrazyGirl765
  1. Am I a fan of Sonic AND Mario?
  2. Do I have any social media?
  3. Am I addicted to drawing?
  4. Throwin' you for a loop! What's my favorite legendary Pokemon?
  5. Another loop! What's my zodiac sign?
  6. Do I like to get up early?
  7. What's the legit first thing I do when I wake up?
  8. Am I weird? (hint click the last yes)
  9. Which Sonic character is my boyfriend?
  10. Another loop! What's my favorite quiz style?
  11. Haha loop throwing again. What's my favorite band?
  12. How many idols do I have?
  13. Do I follow the rules?
  14. Do I like spamming?
  15. SEEYA!!!

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Quiz topic: How well do I know my interests?

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