How well do you know Monster Hunter Stories?

Monster Hunter Stories is a Monster Hunter game(obviously). You may think you know lots about it,but do you really? This test will determine whether you know lots or little about it.

In Monster Hunter Stories you get to ride the monsters instead of exclusively slaying them. But there is a mysterious phenomenon called the Black Blight that infects monsters! I won't spoil anything else to for you if you haven't completed the game yet. It is on 3DS,2DS and phone. 34.99 for DS, 19.99 for phone. Good luck on the test!

Created by: Makili Pietru

  1. Who is the red-haired boy from Hakum Village called?
  2. How many kinship ores are there?
  3. What is the name of the legendary black dragon?
  4. How many different types of EX monsters are there(the blighted count too)?
  5. What egg was the red-haired boy holding in the cutscene where the 1st kinship ore got blighted?(Yes,you can't get his name to cheat!)
  6. How many of the Numbers are there?
  7. Now some anime......there is a special version of the Gargwa egg. What is it called?
  8. What is Navirou's favourite food?(come on,this is easy!)
  9. NOW HARD QUESTION!!!! What is the Azure Rathalos armour called?
  10. NOW EVEN MORE HARD!!!HOPE YOU HAVE BEEN OBSERVANT WITH THE CUTSCENES!What monster does Redan ride in the mural?
  11. Are you ready to see how well you know Monster Hunter Stories?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Monster Hunter Stories?