How well do you know MLP?

Are you a brony? A pegasister? Well now its time to find out if you are one, and if you are serious about the show or don't pay any attention to anything in the show and only call yourself a brony for fun.

Do you have the knowledge you need to call yourself a brony or a pegasister? Thanks to this brilliant test (well, i call it brilliant) we can find out!

Created by: Alexandra

  1. Who are the Mane six?
  2. What is Zecoras cutiemark?
  3. What is a common insult in equeastria?
  4. Whats the most popular/Liked princess?
  5. Which villain almost succeeded in taking over the ENTIRE equestria but was defeated by the elements of harmony?
  6. Who started the show?
  7. What season is "Read it and weep" released?
  8. What is vinyl's eye colour?
  9. What is a female and male fan of MLP called?
  10. What is the name of Discord x Fluttershy and Rarity x Spike.
  11. What is Season 1 finale
  12. What is season 3's big event
  13. How many episodes are there in S3
  14. What is one of MLP's most lovable animation errors.
  15. Define mare.
  16. What is derpys cutiemark?
  17. Bonus!: How many ponies are in applejacks family photo in "Apple family reunion"
  18. Bonus 2!: When does twilight become a seapony?
  19. Bonus 3!: When do the Mane six become breezies (WHAT EPISODE?)

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Quiz topic: How well do I know MLP?