How well do you know minecraft

There are alot of smart peeps but not alot of geniuses if you got this perfect then your a genius! Well I can't think of what else to say so cya. Tell your mom I said hi

Are you a smart person well here's you chance to find out if you love minecraft then you need to take this quiz. Thanks for reading. I know it's hard.

Created by: jacbow2

  1. Who created minecraft
  2. How much does the full version cost
  3. When was minecraft released
  4. When was pocket edition released
  5. How many game modes is there
  6. What is the most valuable resource
  7. How many items is in minecraft
  8. How many people play minecraft
  9. Can you get minecraft on mac
  10. What is minecraft
  11. Does minecraft have good graphics
  12. What is notches real name

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Quiz topic: How well do I know minecraft