How well do you know mimi?

Do you think you know Mimi, i mean REALLY know Mimi? Well now is the time to find out. Just take this short quiz and in minutes see how much of Mimi you know! Compare your results with others and show off who is the better friend!

This quiz/test is designed solely for the entertainment of the creator. Mimi is not responsible for any emotional damage that might occur from the contents of this quiz. Hopefully this can be an enjoyable activity for all participants.

Created by: Mimi

  1. What is mimi's favorite color?
  2. How old is mimi?
  3. What is mimi's favorite subject?
  4. What is NOT fun for Mimi?
  5. What is the WORST movie mimi had to watch?
  6. What elementary school did Mimi attend?
  7. What activity did Mimi NOT participate at Mayfair?
  8. Which person was NEVER Mimi's roommate in college?
  9. What Knott's ride is the best according to Mimi?
  10. What is Mimi's favorite ride at Disneyland?
  11. What show did Mimi NOT set for tivo?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know mimi?