How well do you know me so far?

I sometimes wonder just how well people listen. Not a lot do these days and we all have to admit that we enjoy talking about ourselves, correct? Well that's what this quiz is for! ^-^

Do people really listen when I say something? Do they fully understand what I say? I do believe some of friends here have had nothing but open ears since I came around! Now let's prove it.

Created by: Cardinalidae

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  1. Who is my boyfriend (easiest question ever)?
  2. Who are the other three that I mentioned?
  3. How old am I and what grade am I in?
  4. Who has drawn a picture of me?
  5. My boyfriend's name is...?
  6. My name is...?
  7. What nickname did my boyfriend give me?
  8. Am I male or female?
  9. Momoko says I have a...
  10. When people are rude to me, I...
  11. ~BONUS~ How do I know my boyfriend?
  12. ~BONUS~ How long have I known my boyfriend and how long have we dated?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know me so far?