How well do you know me? (Part 2)

need to learn about me so yeah that's itpaladino Medina Nissan or do you just don't know a lot about me we'll take this quiz and find out just to let you know that this is for entertainment purposes and if you get a bad score then it's all right everyone gets bad scores sometimes when you take with this so yeahand they have to say random things since this thing only allows like 150 characters or whatever they say but yeah hopefully you enjoy the clothes and that's all for this description

a lot of people been complaining about my are you true fan of Music quiz where they thought that I didn't put Ariana Grande in there and I actually did next time please pay more attention and focus more if you're taking a night closes and look if your favorite singers in there because I did put Ariana Grande in there ever said that you need to focus and pay attention a little bit moreit's my clothes so I can decide what type of singers and artists I want on there but yeah I'm a huge music person so you know I get to choose who I think is best in my opinion just my favorite singers personally I know he's fat Ariana Grande or any of the other singers that you were talking about but that's just my personal opinion I just think they're way too mainstream for me but anyways that's just the whole thing anyways I hope you enjoy this quiz either way!

Created by: Anna Vamila Mix
  1. Do you think I'm a former youtuber?
  2. I can play the piano. True or false?
  3. Do I have siblings?
  4. What's the name of the song I'm learning to sing right now? (Kinda hard)
  5. How long have I've been I to KPop?
  6. I am a former YouTuber and make what type of videos?
  7. Why did I quit making videos on YouTube?
  8. I used to be known as?
  9. Whitch year did I became popular (kinda) on YouTube and why?
  10. Why is Vanilla spelled "Vamila"?
  11. Mix came from what?
  12. Confert of Style?
  13. What instrument do I want to learm?
  14. Sometimes I wish I could understand what language?
  15. What vocal type do you think I have?
  16. How do I look like?
  17. How.itz time for rabdondss!
  18. Jk
  19. Do you think in werid?
  20. Ok now it's gonna get harder I'm going to make some jokes and stupid stories, okay?
  21. 190/ Collage has 100 seasons!
  22. I have a hard time talking asleep, True or false?
  23. I fall asleep at.......?
  24. I'm a night owl. True or false?
  25. What's my biggest fear?
  26. What's my favorite color?
  27. Btw sorry for some bad grammar
  28. Witch year did I start making videos for YouTube?
  29. I love trash!!!
  30. Do you think I. Male or female?
  31. What's my dream career?
  32. I like gaming, True or false?
  33. What music streaming service do I use?
  34. What's my favorite K-Pop girl group?
  35. What's my favorite K-Pop boy group?
  36. What's my favorite name (Male)?
  37. What's my favorite name (Female)?
  38. Were almost done!
  39. What's my favorite ice cream flavor?
  40. Bye! (No effect)

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Quiz topic: How well do I know me? (Part 2)