How well do you know me? (2018 Addition)

I've been on GTQ for several years now, but my last 'How well do you know me' quiz was deleted along with my first account. I decided it was more than due time to make another, so here we are.

So, how well DO you know me? This quiz has some pretty specific questions, and you might find out that you actually have no idea who I am. But at the end of the day, who are we all?

Created by: IdentityXX

  1. When I first joined GTQ, what candy was I absolutely obsessed with?
  2. How old will I be on my birthday this year? (2018)
  3. If I'm being practical, what is my career plan?
  4. But if I were being brave, I'd like to be a(n)...
  5. How many piercings do I currently have?
  6. What is my favorite song, non-Kpop wise? (As of 1/10/2018)
  7. What is my favorite K-Pop song? (As of 1/10/2018)
  8. What book series is currently my favorite? (As of 1/10/2018)
  9. Alright, time to dig a little deeper. What is my BIGGEST fear?
  10. What is my irrational fear?
  11. What nervous habit do I have?
  12. If I were to jump off a building, would I want to be facing face down so that I could see the ground coming, or face up so that my last moments would be spent looking at the beautiful sky?
  13. What is my sexuality?
  14. When did my last dog go missing?
  15. What is my current dog's name?
  16. What alias do I go by on most social media currently? (1/10/2018)
  17. What specific body part do I have a fixation for?
  18. What is my deal breaker for a possible romantic partner?
  19. What number am I obsessed with?
  20. Do I prefer cold weather or hot weather?
  21. What name do I currently go by?
  22. Do I prefer headphones or earbuds?
  23. What compound word do I usually say backwards?
  24. What color do I want to dye my hair as soon as I turn 18?
  25. How do I drink my coffee?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know me? (2018 Addition)