how well do you know me

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there are many smart people but are you a true genius if so that meens that you are here to take the how well do you know me quiz 3.0 and now i am just copying and pasting names eclipse Dream Jeeshan crystal well i got bored so why are you still reading this i didn't know what i got into somehow i can't go back even if i really wanted to so what more can i do in the end it's just me and you

i never wanted to play by all the rules knife in hand im playing out the part of the fool here we go you can judge me thoroughly it's to late for apologies go ahead and just hit me sense your able you know that determination is unstable shout out to Dream Jeeshan Tianna and Crystal thanks get ready for an impossible quiz

Created by: eclipseT_E_C

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  1. favorite 3 colors
  2. what is my real name
  3. my current hair color
  4. under my dye what is the my hair color
  5. what is my natural hair color
  6. no more hair questions how old am i
  7. who do i talk to most
  8. iNSaNiTY
  9. what color is this @ sign
  10. do i sleep
  11. thanks

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Quiz topic: How well do I know me