How well do you know me?

Do you know a lot about me? Take this quiz right now and find out. I'm quite a unique person I must say, so anything above a 50 is all good! Remember, I'm a musician, and love working behind technology!

We'll see. Take this quiz and see how well you know me, Shahruk ^_^; Yes, the guitarist, "singer", and webdesigner all in one. Take the test right now to see how well you know Shahruk.

Created by: Shahruk Khan

  1. How old am I?
  2. What is my sole goal in life?
  3. What color is my hair?
  4. Who are my best friends?
  5. Where do I live?
  6. What is my favorite type of music?
  7. Who do I sound like?
  8. If a girl were to kiss me, what would happen?
  9. What type of girl do I like the most?
  10. What is my instrument of choice?
  11. What is my favorite quote of all time?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know me?