How well do you know me

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A lot of people know me but few know me like the back of their hand. I just want to see how well I'm known around qotoquiz. So enjoy the quiz I guess.

I don't feel like writing a second paragraph so just please take the quiz. Since this has quiz is about me I hoe you learn some thing long I'm gonna do this. I don't honestly care

Created by: Britany298
  1. What is my favorite type of music
  2. What is my real name?
  3. What is my favorite song
  4. Am I ghetto?
  5. Where do I live
  6. Do I like fights?
  7. How old am I?
  8. Do I like animals?
  9. Do I curse? In front of my parents and teachers
  10. What am I? Doesn't count
  11. What's my favorite food?
  12. Did my real father leave me
  13. Did my step brother die
  14. Do I believe in ghosts
  15. Will u comment and rate?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know me