how well do you know me???

I want to know how well my "friends" know me. It is pretty fun putting this together! I hope you have fun taking it too!!!!! I know, some of the questions are silly and random and weird but if you think you know me well enough to take the test, then you will do pretty well...

How well do you know me????????????Are YOU a genius. this is kinda annoying because it says i am supposed to write 150 words about whether you think you can take it so i am just babbling to fill it up with random words, you can stop reading this anytime

Created by: Sarah Lythgoe

  1. where was i born?
  2. what color are my eyes?
  3. how many siblings do i have?
  4. what is my favorite thing to do from the following?
  5. what is my favorite color?
  6. what is my favorite accessory?
  7. what kind of pet did i own for 5 years?
  8. if i could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
  9. what was my pets name?
  10. what is my astrological sign?
  11. have i ever lived outside the US?
  12. have i ever been arrested?
  13. what do i always buy when i travel
  14. what is my favorite color to paint my fingernails?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know me???