How well do you know me?

this is a quiz about me and will judge you on how well you now me... so how well do you think you no me well lets find out! so hopefully you do well... lol

well this freaking quiz wants me to write a paragraph about my quiz and i already did... how stupied are they... lol. ITS ABOUT ME AND HOW WELL YOU KNOW ME!

Created by: daniel1515

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  1. how many kids do i want?
  2. what cant i wait for?
  3. what is my favorite color?
  4. what is my favorite food?
  5. how long has me and danny been together?
  6. how many pets do i have including my fish?
  7. how many pierceings do i have?
  8. what color of eyes do i have?
  9. how old is hailey ann?
  10. what is my favorite beverage?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know me?