How well do you know Mathew Baynton?

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This actor isn't as famous as most, but he is still amazing, how much do you know about him, are you a high-scoring Bayntonette like me, if you do come and play.

Do you know all there is to know about Mathew Baynton, if you think you do, go on I dare you to play, it isn't very hard just go ahead and try your best and that's all anyone can ask.

Created by: Gracie

  1. When is Mat's birthday?
  2. What year was Mat born?
  3. What character did he play in Bill?
  4. What is his favourite Horrible Histories song?
  5. Who was his favourite character to play in Horrible Histories?
  6. Which of these did he sing in the song Born 2 Rule?
  7. What is his son's name?
  8. What is his daughter's name?
  9. Which of these characters did Mat NOT play in Yonderland?
  10. Which of these TV shows has he not appeared in or done a voiceover?
  11. What colour are his eyes?
  12. What colour is his hair?
  13. Who did he work with to create The Weong Mans?
  14. How many Stuart kings is he?
  15. How many Tudor kings is he?
  16. In an interview Mat said that his nan said he would either end up on the stage or where?
  17. Is he the best actor ever?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Mathew Baynton?