How Well Do You Know Lord of the Rings?

There are many people who claim to know The Lord of the Rings by heart. Few have succeeded in memorizing the entire book. However, this quiz does not require memorization. Just cold, hard facts.

How will YOU score? Can you complete the quiz with nobility and honor? Or will you be dashed to peices in the race to find out how well you know The Lord of the Rings?

Created by: kingbrad

  1. What two realms is Aragorn king of?
  2. What is Legolas's last name?
  3. Who is Gimli's father?
  4. Who is Strider the ranger actually?
  5. Did Sauron or Saruman create Uruk Hai?
  6. What was Sauron previously known as?
  7. What does the Quenya name Narsil mean?
  8. What is the Elvish name of the Undying Lands?
  9. What is Butterbur's occupation?
  10. How are Frodo and Pippin related?
  11. What was Gollum before the Ring came upon him?
  12. What did the Ents do with the Entwives?
  13. What color did Gandalf become after he died and rose back to life?
  14. After everyone knew he had turned evil, what was Saruman known as?
  15. How do you think you did on this quiz?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Lord of the Rings?