How well do you know Liv and Maddie

There are only a few people who watch shows and wonder how much they know about that particular programme.Has that happened to you?If it did then this is for you!!!!!!!!!!

This quiz is about the popular hit t.v series "Liv and Maddie"!!!!do you want to find out how much you know about it?Then please take this quiz i promise its accurate!!!!!

Created by: AdriannaSoobramani

  1. What is Maddie and Liv full name?
  2. Does Liv have a boyfriend?
  3. Who does Maddie have a crush on?
  4. What is Maddie's favourite sport?
  5. Which of them care about fashion?
  6. Who does Willow have a crush on?
  7. Where do they live? As in the city
  8. How many siblings do they have(Liv and Maddie,together)
  9. Sisters or brothers?
  10. How many seasons are there?
  11. Um okay two more questions please rate and tell me how much you like it,this is very first quiz so please be nice!
  12. On what channel is "Liv and Maddie"
  13. What show did Liv appear on?
  14. Who plays Liv and Maddie?
  15. Okay more than 2 more questions!!when Liv sang the song Fro-Yo did she like it or not?
  16. How long is this quiz?
  17. How did you like my quiz?
  18. Are you gonna rate or comment please do 😃 I ll love you if u do

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Liv and Maddie