How well do you know Keeper of the Lost Cities (book 1-9)

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Hello! This quiz is for Keeper fans who have read books 1-9, aka finished the series. If you haven’t finished, SPOILER ALERT! All the questions in here contain spoilers so you might want to get out of you’re still on book 1!

The quiz was set to the best of my abilities, but I’ve only read the series once, so it might not be that hard for y’all that have read the series like 3 times or smth. Please don’t take any of my comments on your results seriously, this is just for entertainment and fun. Thanks!

Created by: Foster <3 of My Pinterest!
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  1. What does Keefe say when he first sees Sophie in Foxfire?
  2. Who did Sophie find in Candleshade after Keefe and Lord Cassius had moved to the Shores of Solace?
  3. What was the first dessert in the Lost Cities that Sophie tried?
  4. Who did Sophie bring along to the first Nightfall?
  5. Who were Sophie’s first kidnappers?
  6. What did Keefe want to do when they went to Florence?
  7. Who was the prisoner that used his/her mental energy to crash Lumenaria during the Peace Summit with King Dimitar?
  8. What did Della think of Alvar when he was living with them in Everglen?
  9. Where was the scar that King Dimitar left on Keefe after the sparring match?
  10. When Lady Gisela put on Tam’s bonds, what stopped him from being mind controlled by Lady Gisela?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Keeper of the Lost Cities (book 1-9)