How well do you know Justin Bieber

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Hey if your are true bieber fan then please take this quiz and answers a few questions and test your skills and see if got what it takes try your best!

I really wanted to make this quiz because im in love with justin bieber so much who isint? well any way i know alot about him so i decided to make a quiz about him! (((((:

Created by: Drew
  1. How old i justin bieber?
  2. Where is Justin bieber origanally from?
  3. What is Justin biebers favorite color?
  4. What what was one of Justin bieber firs hit songs?
  5. What famous Actor and rapper did a duet with justin bieber?
  6. What is Justin biebers new movie called?
  7. When was Justin bieber born?
  8. Who are Justin biebers friends?
  9. What was Justin biebers first album called?
  10. When you are overly obsessed with Justin bieber it is called?
  11. What is Justin biebers Real!! phone number
  12. What is Justin biebers moms name?
  13. What is Justin biebers little sisters name?
  14. Has Justin bieber appeared on any talent shows?
  15. What is Justin biebers YouTube name
  16. Who discoverd Justin bieber on YouTube?
  17. What was the name of Justin biebers second album?
  18. is justin bieber married?
  19. Would justin bieber make a good vampire in an upcoming Twilight?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Justin Bieber