How well do you know JUST ADD MAGIC?

So, my quiz is about just add magic! I used to watch it everyday! And I still do! I've been watching it since I was 7! And right now, I'm TEN! I just love how three best friends wind up with a magic cookbook!

I mean, like, it could be a once in a lifetime oppurtunity if you got the cookbook! Please write in the comments what you think about my quiz and what score you got, and how you would feel if you were the new the protector of thee book!

Created by: Maanya Naidu

  1. In season 2, who did Chuck become using Mama P's morbium?
  2. Who is NOT an OC?
  3. Which is NOT a recipe from the cookbook?
  4. Which is NOT a real spice?
  5. In season three, who insults Darbie of losing everything in front of Piper at Mama P's?
  6. In season 1 episode 1, who was supposed to become captain instead of Charlotte?
  7. In season 3, who was Caroline pretending to be?
  8. Who was Crosby?
  9. After Mayor Davis was retiring, who won mayor? Adam Lever or Terri Quinn
  10. In season 2, how does Darbie and Kelly get to know that Hannah's parents are making her go to Fox Canyon?
  11. In season 4, who suffered the downside of re-growing the magical spice garden?
  12. What was the name of the last episode of JUST ADD MAGIC?
  13. Who is the organised and clean protector?
  14. What is the plot of season 3?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know JUST ADD MAGIC?