How Well Do you know Howrse?

There are some great howrse players out there and in the world, and you might be one of those people!! You might not be like Chrissyh, the Top player, but you still have a great time on howrse, right? even new players are good at playinng howrse.

Do YOU have a howrse account? if not, get one before taking this quiz! if you dont you will surely get alsot of questions wrong!! If you just take this quiz, you will find out if you are good at howrse!! so what are you waiting for?

Created by: rorydannan

  1. who is chrissyh?
  2. How can you be a mod?
  3. who is Ow?
  4. how do you get a ticket in the lottery?
  5. Is getting 100 in the Grand Prix a good score?
  6. What is an abbreviation for Golden Apple?
  7. is howrse a game for all ages?
  8. How many days' registered do you have to have to have a Equestrian Center?
  9. What is a Abbreviation for Equestrian Center?
  10. how many days' regestered do you have to have to bid on horses?
  11. Is howrse fun?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I know Howrse?