How well do you know horses??????

there are a lot of horse lovers in this world are you one of them?If you are you should take this 15 question quiz on horses and mostly where they originated from.

Do you know a lot about horses?In this quiz their are 15 questions on horses mostly on where the breed originally came from. for example : where did the paint horse originally come from : Spain,Germany,USA,France

Created by: anna

  1. what is the name of the bone that is in a horse's tail?
  2. what are brumbies?
  3. what country are Clydesdale horses originally from?
  4. where was the Haflinger horse originally from and what year?
  5. what is a black smith?
  6. what was the first horse?
  7. where was the Hanoverian horse originally from?
  8. where did the Knabstrupper horse originate from?
  9. when people measure horses they use a term called hands.How long is a hand?
  10. How old does a foal have to be when they can be separated from their mother?
  11. what is the smallest horse in the world?
  12. where was the Carthusian horse breed originally from?
  13. where was the Don horse breed originally from?
  14. where is the mustang originally from?
  15. what do the horse terms sire and dam mean?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know horses??????