How well do you know Heaven's Lost Property?

Wanna see if your a true Heaven's Lost Property fan? Then take the quiz! Good Luck! If you've never watched the anime... then watch it and take the quiz!

Are you a true anime fan? Then watch Heaven's Lost Property and take this quiz! You won't regret it! Meow! Have fun! - Catastrophic! P.S Make sure you have watched the anime.

Created by: Catastrophic

  1. Where did Tomoki meet Ikaros?
  2. What one word would best describe Tomoki?
  3. What is episode 2 about?
  4. What is the name of the second angel?
  5. Who is Ikaros' master?
  6. What is Tomoki's girl name?
  7. Who won the gameshow to see who was smarter?
  8. What was Nymph's past? (sad warning)
  9. What does Ikaros obsess over?
  10. What does Nymph call Ikaros?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Heaven's Lost Property?