how well do you know harry potter

there are lots of harry potter fans out there but are you the number one fan! take this quiz and test your knowloge to find out!there are winners and there are losers which on are you?

do you think you are the biggest harry potter fan out there? well take this quiz to find out! lots of people score high but some people score will you score?

Created by: susan
  1. what shape is the scar on harry's head?
  2. who is harry's arch enemy?
  3. who gave harry his scar?
  4. which one of these is not a unforgivible curse?
  5. in the philosopher's stone who has lord vodemort on the back of his head?
  6. who killed dumbledore?
  7. which one of these people were not a death eater?
  8. what house is harry in?
  9. true or false:sirius black was accused of being a helper of lord voldemort when he was really innocent.
  10. true or false:harrys mom was also the seeker for qudditch
  11. when was harry born?
  12. when does a quidditch match end?
  13. when does a quidditch match end?
  14. true or false:harry is the youngest seeker of the century
  15. in quidditch how much points is the snitch worth?

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