How Well Do You Know Good Luck Charlie?

If you like Disney Channel and one of their new shows Good Luck Charlie, then you are bound to love and ace this quiz. It's actually very easy, so I hope you all enjoy, and thanks for choosing my quiz.

Are you a 100% Good Luck Charlie savvy? Are you? Huh? Are you? Are you? Are you? Are you? Are you? Are you? Are you? Are you? Are you? Are you? Are you? Are you? Well, ARE YOU?

Created by: xendocheionology

  1. Who plays PJ Duncan?
  2. Can the average human lick his own armpit?
  3. What is Gabe's number in basketball?
  4. In Charlie 1, how many Tylers are at the doctor's son's birthday party?
  5. In Boys Meet Girls, which sibling does karate on Joe in the end?
  6. In that same episode, who does PJ's girlfriend cheat on him with?
  7. Which chain does PJ work for?
  8. Who plays Teddy?
  9. How many Heathers are in Gabe's class?
  10. The berry came from the...

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Good Luck Charlie?