How well do you know General Grievous

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This quiz can tell you if you know General Grievous. Here is a head start and a question that is not in the quiz. Did General Grievous have a wife? You have 10 sec

.................... the correct answer is Yes. In fact General Grievous is not a Droid. Take the quiz to see if you General Grievous. Hope you get 100%.

Created by: JWS

  1. What dinosaur do his species walk like
  2. What is Grievous’s species
  3. Which Jedi made Grievous’s cough?
  4. Speaking of the cough, who filmed the cough
  5. Who made his Siborge body
  6. Who is the correct answer of 5s apprentice
  7. To Grievous’s species, he was known as...
  8. Who has His mask after his death
  9. Is he a Jedi, Sith, or something else
  10. Did he like his robot self
  11. Count Dukeu called Grievous’s as what. But Grievous’s said “ I am not a ________”
  12. Which Sith thought Grievous had skill
  13. Who Bomed his ship so he can become a Droid
  14. Last question, who trained him. They said it in the movies

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Quiz topic: How well do I know General Grievous