How well do you know Ed Sheeran?

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There are a lot of singer theses days. New singers getting recognized it seems like every day. But what about those singers/songwriters who work hard like Ed Sheeran?

I have created this quiz in honor of Ed Sheeran because he inspires me and his voice is just so like ah la la la la. So you will see if you really are a fan of Ed Sheeran,like me, by taking this quiz

Created by: Izzy:Sheerio
  1. When is Ed Sheeran's Birthday?
  2. What is Ed's full name?
  3. What song are these lyrics from: Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars.
  4. What song are theses lyrics from: Searching for a sweet surrender but this is not the end I can't work this out. how? Going through the motions going through us.
  5. What is the fist song on Ed Sheeran's album Multiply?
  6. On what part of Ed's body has tattoos?
  7. What color is his hair?
  8. Which of the following did Ed go on tour with?
  9. Which song includes these lyrics: All I want is the taste that your lips allow.
  10. In the music video for "Thinking Out Loud" what is Ed doing?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Ed Sheeran?