How well do you know Dragon Ball?

Many people consider themselves die hard DBZ fans, but how many really are? Do you consider yourself a die hard DBZ fan? Well, take this quiz so you can see if you really are!!!

Well then, are you ready? Are you prepared for this quiz? I must tell you, this doesn't cover all of Dragon Ball, and it certainly doesn't cover Dragon Ball Evolution. Sorry, but Dragon Ball Evolution ISN'T REAL DRAGON BALL!!!!!!!

Created by: rascal1178
  1. What is Goku's wife's name?
  2. How many Dragon Balls are in a set?
  3. Kami and Piccolo were once one person.
  4. Vegeta is the Prince of all Saiyans.
  5. Before King Piccolo died, he coughed up an egg. Who later hatched from that egg?
  6. Namekians have both males and females.
  7. Did Piccolo and Kami ever become one again?
  8. Who did Piccolo train?
  9. Did Piccolo ever turn good?
  10. What race does Piccolo belong to?
  11. Who goes Super Saiyan first?
  12. Who is Pan?
  13. In which series do Trunks, Pan, and Goku travel around the galaxy to gather the Black Star Balls?
  14. What was Goku's grandfather's name?
  15. Who is Goku's brother?
  16. Who is Goku's father?
  17. What is the importance of the Four Star Ball?
  18. What did Chi-Chi want Gohan to do instead of fighting?
  19. Who does Krillin eventually marry?
  20. Who did Bulma date before she got with Vegeta?
  21. Who are Trunks' parents?
  22. Who defeated Cell?
  23. Who created Cell and the Androids?
  24. What was Goku's name before he came to Earth? (aka his Saiyan name)
  25. Who is Kami?
  26. How many sets of Dragon Balls are there?
  27. Goten, Goku's son, was born when?
  28. Where do the Black Star Balls scatter?
  29. What does in Trunks (in the main timeline) go on to become when he grows up?
  30. Did I even cover all of Dragon Ball?
  31. What army did Goku defeat on one of his quests to collect the Dragon Balls?
  32. Who are the Saiyans that travel to Earth after Radditz dies?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Dragon Ball?