How well do you know Darth Vader?

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Darth Vader is got to be the best star wars villain. He will be similar to dr. eggman and the other video game villains. Will he scatter the seven chaos emeralds around and kidnap princess leia? Press start and find out.

Still loving the 1990s. Quit watching cartoons from the 90s and take this survey and see how will do you know vader and how much of your color is drained?

Created by: MrsTwosqueaksLover20
  1. What is vader not made by?
  2. What is vader originally?
  3. What is the darth vader of the transformers?
  4. What color is vader?
  5. What is vader similar to?
  6. What is vader's empire called?
  7. Who is darth vader's warner bros. counterpart?
  8. What does darth vader like to eat?
  9. What is darth vader's face upside down?
  10. Last Question... is your favorite color black?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Darth Vader?