How well do you know DanTDM?

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Are you a fan of Dantdm? If you are, this quiz is for you!! Test your knowledge of DanTDM! See if you are a true fan!! Try your best to answer each question!

Do you think you know everything about DanTDM? Test your knowledge! See if you know everything about him! If you are obsessed, this quiz is for you! Try to see if you know him well!

Created by: dogeking138

  1. What's DanTDM's real name?
  2. What pets do DanTDM have?
  3. What are DanTDM's pet's names?
  4. When is DanTDM's birthday?
  5. How much money does DanTDM have? (In 2017)
  6. What card game did DanTDM first make videos of? (Sorry I probably spelled most of them wrong)
  7. What's his wife's name?
  8. What is his Roblox name?
  9. How many subs does he have? (Don't cheat and look on Youtube!)
  10. Last question, DanTDM plays minecraft. True of false?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know DanTDM?