How well do you know Country songs

This is quiz is mainly testing you and your brain and weather or not you listen to country music or not. This really isn't that hard i promise. So come take the quiz.

Are you a Country Music Wizard, then come take this quiz and test your knowledge. Its not long and we can find out if you know your stuff and or if you don't know your stuff.

Created by: 02/2/13
  1. what Country singer wrote "Country Boy"
  2. what Female Country just had a kid with a professional Hockey Player
  3. Who sings "My Best Friend"
  4. finish the lyrics you and me riding around like______
  5. who sings Wanted
  6. Drink a beer is written By Luke Bryan, but why did he write it..
  7. finish the song.. This is a hard one for me without crying. When I got the news today I didn't know what to say_______
  8. When Is Lee Brice Birthday ??
  9. Who went from Country to Pop
  10. Who Wrote Runaway
  11. Did You enjoy this quiz ??

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Country songs