How Well Do You Know Cinderella?

Are you a Cinderella super fan? And not just of the Disney princess, but of the fairy tale in general? Well, come test that statement within this quiz!

This quiz will list several Cinderella related questions, see how many you can get right! Be warned, some of these questions are quite difficult! Good luck!

Created by: Rayne of cinderellafunny
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  1. What year was Disney's Cinderella first released in? (No cheating!)
  2. According to Disney of France, what is the real name of the Prince character in the original movie?
  3. How many movies have been released in the "A Cinderella Story" series by Warner Bros.?
  4. Did you know? Cinderella has a daughter! Well, in the animated series, "Ever After High", at least. What's her daughter's name?
  5. The Cinderella story most well known, written by Charles Perrault, is originally in what language?
  6. What is Cinderella's shoe size, according to Disney?
  7. Okay, now the questions get HARD... What 3 car companies made Cinderella-themed commercials?
  8. Cinderella actually makes an appearance in a Sonic The Hedgehog cartoon. Which one?
  9. Cinderella has had many unique adaptations, putting inventive twists on the original story. Which of the following Cinderella adaptations does NOT exist?
  10. Due to having to preserve the same number of syllables, the Japanese dub of Disney's Cinderella had to change the lyrics of "Sing, Sweet Nightingale". Translated, What were those new lyrics?

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