How well do YOU know Christina Perri?

Hello! It's me, Primroseeverden6 again!!!!!!! This quiz is about the BEST MUSIC ARTIST EVER, CHRISTINA PERRI!! In this quiz, you will answer the toughest questions about Christina Perri, are you ready?

Find out if YOU are a Perri Pal like me in just a few's only 11 questions and it will make you scramble your brain for all the info you can remember about this song writer.

Created by: primroseeverden6

  1. Okay. You should know by now by taking my other quizzes...READ. THE. DESCRIPTION.
  2. What's Christina Perri's middle name?
  3. Christina Perri has a tattoo of what on her arm?
  4. Christina Perri was born in what year?
  5. When is Christina Perri's birthday?
  6. How many siblings does Christina Perri have?
  7. What is Christina Perri's OLDER brother's name?
  8. What is Christina Perri's YOUNGER brother's name?
  9. Which of the following song by Christina Perri appears in the hit vampire romance movie, "Twilight"?
  10. True or False: Christina Perri has a sister?
  11. Finish the line to the following song by Christina Perri: I never thought that you would be the one to hold ____
  12. Who do you think you are, running around leaving scars, collecting your ______

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Christina Perri?