How well do you know Bluestar?

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So this quiz is about the legendary leader Bluestar from warriorcats. How well do you know her? She’s a bright cat and is very daring and calm and unexpected.

This was a quiz inspired by warriorcat wiki fandom and everyone who loves warriorcats. I really took my time on this =) have fun and try your best on this quiz! I made it kinda hard.

Created by: Emotionlessdemon

  1. What was Bluestar’s warrior name?
  2. What clan does Bluestar belong to?
  3. The next few questions will be about through when Bluestar was alive, til she was dead. So was Bluestar a kit when she joined the clan?
  4. Did Bluestar have a sibling?
  5. If you thought Bluestar had a sibling, what was the name?
  6. Was Bluestar an apprentice for a medicine cat?
  7. When Bluestar fell in love, was it a forbidden love?
  8. Who was Bluestar’s mate’s name?
  9. Did Bluestar have kits?
  10. If you think Bluestar had kits, how many did she have?
  11. If Bluestar had kits, what were the names?
  12. Why did Bluestar go crazy?
  13. How did Bluestar die?
  14. What was Bluestar’s rank?
  15. Fun question! Was Bluestar a great leader if she got to be leader?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Bluestar?