How Well do you Know Big Time Rush?

Hiiiiii!!!!! Lol. All Rushers think they know everything about these amazing, gorgeous, hot, awesome (ok I'll stop now!) guys... or do they? This quiz is hard, so brace yourself!

Ok, if you're a hater, leave right now. I don't want to hear your lies about BTR... and for the rest of you, take this quiz to see if you're an obsessed Rusher like me! Btw, my friend's dad's boss' niece is Ciara Bravo who plays Katie on the show! LOL confusing?

Created by: Kendall'sFutureWife

  1. What color is Kendall's eyes?
  2. What is James' prized possession in the show?
  3. When did the show first air?
  4. Who is the oldest in real life?
  5. What is a specific characteristic that Kendall looks for in a girl?
  6. How old is Carlos Pena as of now? (Early 2012)
  7. Does Logan Henderson have a sister?
  8. What is Logan's favorite color?
  9. Which two boys were friends before Big Time Rush the show?
  10. What is Kendall's brothers' names?
  11. When did James have his first kiss?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Big Time Rush?