How well do you know bekka?

This quiz will show you how much you know about me. I don't expect you to do good or anything but try you best, i guess, lol. Well good luck :) !

Uuggh another paragraph well im just gonna say some random stuff until I get the requirements -_-. Justin beiber is hot Bigfoot is not real yo mama jokes are offensive to people without a mom YAY IT'S DONE!!

Created by: bekka

  1. Whats my favorite song?
  2. Where do i work?
  3. What is my (soon to be) daughters name?
  4. What state do I live in?
  5. Whats my dream job?
  6. What's my BFFs name?
  7. What is my special talent?
  8. What day was i born?
  9. What are my siblings names?
  10. Whats my favorite food?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know bekka?