How well Do you know Batman?

Ah, Batman. He is so f---ing cool. This is an EXTREMELY EASY test on Batman and Robin. So, how well do you TRULY know Batman and Robin? FIND IT OUT!

Please Remember to comment and Rate Please. Good luck. This test is VERY EASY, I assure you. Best of luck. BEST OF LUCK TO YOU ALL! YOU CAN DO IT! YAY!

Created by: therealminime
  1. Easy: What is Batman's secret idenity?
  2. How many different Robins are there?
  3. What is the order of Robins? (1-5)
  4. Which one is NOT Robin (EASY)
  5. What happened to Tim Drake (in some versions)
  6. What happened to Dick Grayson?
  7. Who is the New Batman
  8. Who is the Red Hood(in later comics?)
  9. What happened to Batman's parents?
  10. Comment and rate

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Batman?