How well do you know Ariana Grande lyrics?

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There are many people who consider hemselves Arianators. But have you ever wondered if you are one? This quiz will help you see just how big of a fan you are.

Are you an Ariana Grande genious? Figure this out in this Ariana lyric knowledge quiz. You will soon find out just how much of an Arianator you really are.

Created by: Cassidy Penner
  1. I was a _____, i gave into the ____, I know I should have _______ it, at least I'm being ______.
  2. Hey ____ even though i ____ you, i want to ____ you, i want _______!
  3. This is the ____ when i say i don't ____ you
  4. My _____ is at a _______ light
  5. I could _____ a song _____ my new _____.
  6. You got a ____ _____ must _____ it.
  7. Cause it's my ______, God as my _______ start what i ______
  8. He wasn't my _______ til we were _____
  9. Popular, i know about _______
  10. If you ___ let me _____ your space

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Ariana Grande lyrics?