How Well Do You Know America?

How much do you know about America? There are so many things to know and even more new things we can learn. They say knowledge is power, but how much basic knowledge of this great country do you possess? Here's your chance to find out.

How "America Savvy" are you? After this short trivia quiz, you'll find out! Whether you're a a commie pinko liberal tree hugger, a right-wing fascist neo-con war monger, or somewhere in between,a basic understanding of our country and its history is beneficial to all. It'll be fun, give it a try!

Created by: Jim Gleason
  1. The land that comprised the Louisiana Purchase was bought by The United States from which country?
  2. The Little Bighorn, Where Custer and his 7th Cavalry were defeated, was located in the area of which US State?
  3. The Statue of Liberty was a gift from France to commemerate:
  4. Who was the 2nd President of The United States?
  5. Which of the following states was NOT one of the original 13 states?
  6. John F. Kennedy was the last US president to be assassinated, which president was assassinated prior to him.
  7. Which two demoninations of paper currency DO NOT have a US President on them?
  8. What was the period of US involvement in World War II?
  9. What is the total number of red and white stripes on the United States Flag?
  10. During what period in US history was the "Star Spangled Banner" written?
  11. Which of the following is a member of the "Legislative Branch" of the federal government:
  12. The "Bill of Rights" are:
  13. Nancy Pelosi, (the current "Speaker of The House" as of this quiz) is a representative from which State?
  14. Who was the first United States Postmaster General?
  15. Who was the US President to succeeded Gerald Ford?
  16. Which US Presidents served their terms during World War II?
  17. The White House was destroyed by fire during which conflict?
  18. Which was the last state to be admitted to the union?
  19. The music to "The Star Spangled Banner" was originally:
  20. The territory known as The "Alaska Purchase" was bought by the US from which country?
  21. What is the term of a US Senator?
  22. A change to the US Constitution is called a/an:
  23. In which state Is Fort Knox located?
  24. The documents of surrender, which ended World War II, were signed upon the deck of which ship?
  25. Who was George Washington's Vice-President?

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