How well do you know AmazingPhil?

You may have heard of AmazingPhil. He is an amazing youtuber with over 1 millions subs and a great person! He helps me and a lot of other people get through their day and make them feel happy!

But have you ever wondered how much YOU know about Phil? Take this short quiz to find out! With a range of questions from what is his surname to what he described the cinnamon challenge like, this is the first (and best) quiz about amazing Phil on gotoquiz!

Created by: TheGame
  1. Ok let's start off easy. What is Phil's surname?
  2. Who is the person Phil is most commonly shipped with?
  3. When Phil sees a spider, what does he do?
  4. How many times has Phil played Innuendo Bingo?
  5. When Phil played the cinnamon challenge (this question is hard) what did he describe it like?
  6. What animal does Phil prefer, dogs or cats?
  7. When did Phil start YouTube?
  8. What is the video that Phil removes because of copyright every time a copy of it is uploaded to YouTube?
  9. How would a normal phangirl respond is someone randomly said 'awrf' in the YouTube comments section
  10. Does Phil like jellybabies?
  11. Which of these things did Phil search for on google?
  12. What relationship does dan and phil have with the bbc?
  13. Bye!

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Quiz topic: How well do I know AmazingPhil?