How Well Do You Know About Roblox?

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This quiz is to see how much you know about roblox. I made this quiz because many many people love roblox. So I made this quiz for all roblox lovers. Hope you got 100% right. ~Kelly~

This is a short awesome quiz that I hope all who play it. Will get a 100% and who will comment down below and tell me what they got <3 I love roblox so I love this quiz as well. ~Kelly~

Created by: KellyKK1998

  1. Do you know when roblox was created?
  2. Is BlueTheWolfIsBack13 a player on roblox?
  3. Who created roblox?
  4. What were the accounts John doe and Jane doe created for?
  5. Is bonniechicafreddie12 a roblox player?
  6. How many people play roblox?
  7. Is thecutegirlxoxo123 a player on roblox?
  8. Is awesometeen2015 a roblox player?
  9. Is Team10_200 a roblox player?

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