How well do you know about Disney channel?

There are many people who know/love Disney channel. Disney Chanel is very funny and fun to watch. You watch Disney channel? Take the quiz and see how you do

Do you think you know Disney channel so well? Well my quiz will test to see if you do. In a few minutes after this quiz you will find out! Enjoy😜😜😜

Created by: Veshi1234

  1. Who plays both girls in liv and maddie
  2. What shows do Debby Ryan show in
  3. Who is maddie's boyfriend/ex
  4. Whose main character in stuck in the middle
  5. Who is main lead in adventures in babysitting
  6. What is the newest song for 2016 Disney channel
  7. Who plays Emma in jessie
  8. What's becoming the 100th Disney channel original movie
  9. Just pick the top answer for the next few
  10. Keep picking the top
  11. Last one pick the TOP

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Quiz topic: How well do I know about Disney channel?