How well do you know about Brawl Stars?

Hi guys, I’m Hot Boy, today we’re gonna test your IQ on brawl Stars, yeah, that’s the game that’s been dead for two years, just match the right star power to the right brawler.

If you have any comments, please text it for suggestions and also how I can improve on this quiz, I would like that very much and I will do it as soon as possible.

Created by: Hot Boy

  1. Medical Use which rare brawler is it?
  2. Fertiliser which legendary brawler is it?
  3. Magnum Special which common brawler is it?
  4. Robo Retreat. Which super rare brawler is it?
  5. Power Grab Which epic brawler is it?
  6. Tin Can Which mythic brawler is it?
  7. Hyper Bear Which common brawler is it?
  8. Energize Which common brawler is it?
  9. Extra Toxic Which legendary brawler is it?
  10. Honey Coat Which epic brawler is it?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know about Brawl Stars?